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Glorious Fall in Skaneateles edited     Underwood foliage      Mediterranean beauty

painting1 to edit      Fear the turtle     Turtle having fun

The tiger     The leopard      Enchanted pomegrenates

Cedar tree standing tall     Red marguerites in moonlight    Paradise Birds flower

My friend's wedding 2     Pottery land    Their first steps    Fresh Cut flowers2

The happy house     Alone in the jungle     Grapevine in Baakline  

Paradise Birds      Butterflies      Autumn Leaves2

 Levantine Trio     Flag Day      Feeling Blue

Handicrafts Alley     Climb every mountain      Venus 

Love in the afternoon      East meets West     OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 

Golden Horses      The hidden heart      Squares and ellipses glow

Mediterranean Still Life      Festivities    Trees landscape 1

Trees Landscape 2     Trees Landscape 3     Trees Landscape Acrylics

Abstract       Mother collage        Tomorrow Collage